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XCGEAR, LLC was founded in 2015 by dirt bike enthusiast and inventor, Lance Smith. XCGEAR uses the latest engineering technology to create and develop the most innovative motorcycle and quad vibration damping products available.

Achieve Ultimate Comfort & Durability

Multiple damping products to help you gain superior ride quality no matter what style you prefer

What Our Riders Think

I think that XCGEAR’s Spurz foot pegs are truly going to change the way that people think about foot pegs. The first time I rode with the pegs I couldn’t believe how much little stuff they absorbed that the suspension didn’t. They seemed to make the whole trail smoother. After riding with them for a while I started noticing that I was hitting roots and other small obstacles faster and with more confidence than ever. I’m pumped to be able to ride for XCGEAR this year and use their game changing foot pegs.

Tanner McCoy

The first time I rode the xc gear foot pegs it was amazing that no vibration was coming through the pegs.  Until you put your stock pegs back on and then it’s like going back in time ,the xc pegs   do a awesome job and feels like riding on air compared to stock. The bar mounts are far the best thing I have ever rode with that no vibration comes through the bar and takes arm pump away .I am sure everyone is different but these things are awesome bars they sit in the elastomer so you feel nothing in the bar and move just enough to make your Suspension feel even better  awesome product!!

Vance Earl

The first characteristic I noticed was the obvious less VIBRATION! The first G-out you hit will magnify the best characteristic though. I noticed much less shock to my feet and knees. Night and day difference! The forward and aft flex helps with foot position on the pegs. Easier shifter and pedal control with my larger boot size. The overall shape and size are spot on. Traction is no problem with these bad boys. I tested the bike with one stock peg and a Spurz peg. That is the test that made me realize I must have these pegs!

Josh Scott

This is probably the best bar set-up I’ve ever used. I don’t get arm pump and I have a soft feel when I land on jumps also. Way better than any other set-up I have used and easy to put on.

The footpegs are something unreal, they grip my feet very well without tearing up my boots and with the pegs setting on elastomers, I feel no vibration through my feet and they also pivot which takes all the hard landings out, best pegs ever!

Evan Earl

For me as a racer the pegs are great in all conditions and take hard impacts off my ankles , and for me as an adventure rider those attributes are the same but at the end of a long ride my ankles and legs still feel fresh!

Dustin Gibson